Encouragement Comes In Many Ways...
Writing as a Process can be challenging for students learning and/or their teachers instructing this content. The main reasons are that numerous sub-components need to be pulled together, and writing is a highly complex skill which involves a multitude of sub-skills. Additionally, self- confidence for both the students and their teachers is front and center! Through extensive training and experiential knowledge, I've developed a myriad of hands-on strategies to nurture and instruct in ways that build skills and confidence while enjoying the process for emerging, developing and fluent writers. The in-person instruction from me is customized for each family's needs and preferences for 1-4 of your students together for an hour session. When you contact me, we will discuss scheduling options: Your choices to consider are: 2 or 3 times a week Length of time: 6 weeks a quarter a semester full school year
Subjects Offered
These subjects' lessons are offered in tandem with Writing as a Process,in combination with each other or stand-alone. Through dialogue with the family, I'll create lesson progression for a semester or a school year's worth of content for one, or two to four students simultaneously. There are several structures for teaching Spelling in terms of which words constitute Spelling Lists. Through a series of questions and answers. together we will determine which structure optimally meets each student's needs.
Integrated Learning Approach Grade Levels are a general guideline This subject area easily lends itself to lessons in Language Arts which are created in Grammar, Spelling and Writing as a Process and are connected to the Reading content. Early Literacy Typically, this learning stage addresses Kindergarten, First and Second Graders. I teach all the needed elements for learning how to read as well as building fluency and comprehension. Intermediate Reading This developmental reading stage focuses approximately on Third through Fifth or Sixth Grade. Chapter Books commonly are appealing to this group which is reading for learning, rather than learning how to read. Customize for your family For multiple children I can create book units of learning for six to eight weeks, a semester or for the school year.