Encouragement Comes In Many Ways...
At first our 3rd grade daughter was a bit reluctant about her upcoming writing class, but Pat won her over immediately upon arriving. Not only did she enjoy every minute spent with Pat and the stories and activities, but she made a couple of new “besties” as well! We are eagerly awaiting the next workshop! Thank you, Pat! Pat's workshop has been a tremendous blessing to our family. My kids ages 14,11 and 9 all participated and truly enjoyed themselves while learning some wonderful and very helpful writing skills. My kids finished the workshop with a renewed sense of excitement for writing and a boost of confidence in their abilities. They also loved Pat's teaching style and personality which was brimming with encouragement, joy and enthusiasm for what she was teaching. Her passion for what she does truly shone through in all she taught. She and her workshops were a breath of fresh air for us and I would heartily recommend them to anyone needing a boost, a little help or simply a bit of encouragement in their writing. -Lauren Rust Pat has been absolutely amazing for both my 11 yr old and my 8 yr old. My son did not like to write or even read before he met Pat, but after he went through her workshops he now loves to read and is writing his own book! Pat took the stress out of writing and made it fun and creative for both of my children to connect with language arts in a new exciting way. They love her, and we’re so thankful for her workshops! -Crystal Before joining Pat’s tutoring class, my granddaughter had difficulties organizing her ideas into sentences and paragraphs. As a result of Pat’s creative and effective teaching methods, my granddaughter has become a more comfortable and confident writer. I highly recommend Pat Tracy to any parent with a struggling, reluctant writer. Pat is a blessing to our homeschool family!
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